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HeirloomTomatillo plants and Heirloom Ground Cherry plants are $3.00 each, plus shipping.  All plants are shipped Priority Mail.  Plants are well established in 2½" square pots that are 3½" deep to provide our customers with larger, healthier plants. NOTE: Number of days from transplanting until harvest is only for comparison purposes between varieties. Actual number of days varies with location and growing conditions.

CUSTOM GROWING: Don't see that "must have" variety in our regular offerings?  We're happy to do custom sowings of unlisted varieties, often at no extra charge!  But you must order early enough to allow the plants to reach shipping size.  More Information



Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly's
3.00   Sold Out
 65-70 days- (Physalis pruinosa) Small berries, about three-fourths to one inch in diameter, which fall to the ground when ripe. Enclosed in a papery husk like the tomatillo, but fruity-tasting. Fine for fresh eating, preserves, pies. A cheerful yellow-orange color. Recommended.

Ground Cherry, Goldie 
3.00   Sold Out
65 days—Said to be a bit later but more productive than others. Same papery husks and sweet-tart, juicy little fruits within them. We remain unconvinced, never having discerned much difference from one ground cherry variety to the next, but maybe we're missing something. For those who adore this off-beat crop, we include this variety for consideration.

Ground Cherry, Otto's Brush Creek  3.00   Sold out
65 days—Found growing in a "semi-wild" state by the owners of Adaptive Seeds in Oregon, from whom we obtain our seed. Should be the stronger for having shifted for itself for who-know-how-many generations, or so the thinking runs. Named for the previous owner of their farm, Otto Shockey. We'll be trialing this one alongside the other two, to try and determine if there's any real difference. We offer this variety for customers who especially love this unusual old crop.

Tomatillo, Dr. Wyches Yellow
3.00  Sold Out
90-100 days.  A Seed Savers introduction, given to that organization by the late Dr. John Wyche. Appears to combine the best of the purples and the yellow/green types. The Seed Savers catalog states: Unique yellow-colored tomatillo with contrasting purple blush, nice sweet flavor. Very productive."

Tomatillo, Purple  3.00   Sold Out
75-85 days-(Physalis ixocarpa) Beautiful purple fruit, large size. Many are a bright violet color throughout their flesh. Much sweeter than the green types, it can be eaten right off the plant. Turns purple when ripe.

Tomatillo, Verde 
Sold Out
70 days-(Physalis ixocarpa) Deep green fruit to two inches in diameter; a standard, richly-flavored type. Huge yields as with most tomatillos. Used in fresh green salsas and in chile verde dishes. Harvest when full-sized, but before fruits turn yellow. Will self-sow in your garden if you miss even one fruit.