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Heirloom Sweet Pepper plants are $3.00 each, plus shipping.  All plants are shipped Priority Mail.  Plants are well established in 2½" square pots that are 3½" deep to provide our customers with larger, healthier plants. NOTE: Number of days from transplanting until harvest is only for comparison purposes between varieties. Actual number of days varies with location and growing conditions.

CUSTOM GROWING: Don't see that "must have" variety in our regular offerings?  We're happy to do custom sowings of unlisted varieties, often at no extra charge!  But you must order early enough to allow the plants to reach shipping size.  More Information




Albino Bullnose    $3.00
65-70 days. Compact plants produce lovely, cream-colored, slightly pointed bell-shaped fruits that ripen to orange-red. Outstandingly productive in our trials.

California Wonder
70-75 days. An excellent green bell pepper. Nice size and very good yield. A popular old-time variety that holds its own against modern types as well as heirlooms of more rarified pedigree.

Canary Bell    $3.00  Sorry, not available for 2019
70 days. Superior sweet pepper, thick-walled with bright yellow color. Sets early and produces all summer. Exceptional flavor.

Charleston Belle  $3.00  Sorry, not available for 2019
70 days. The first nematode-resistant bell pepper. Large, beautiful fruit are smooth and of good quality. A great pepper for the south and any area where nematodes are a major problem. Attractive, compact plants produce fairly early. Developed by the USDA at Charleston, South Carolina.

Chinese Giant   $3.00  
75 days. Gorgeous green fruits ripening to red, reaching to 6 inches long by 4- to 5 inches across. Very thick walled and sweet. Yet plants are compact and bushy--very striking in the garden! A Burpee introduction circa 1900.

Chocolate Beauty   $3.00 
70 days. Super productive variety, and amazingly early. The blocky bells are large, with three to four lobes. Fruits start out green, ripening to chocolate brown, very sweet and richly flavored if allowed to develop to full maturity. A superior variety in cooler-summer gardens.

Emerald Giant    $3.00 
78 days. Large, blocky bells have thick, sweet flesh. Dark green fruit turn red when ripe. Vigorous plants give heavy yields. A good variety for the south. Developed in 1963.

Golden Cal Wonder  
75 days. Productive like regular Cal Wonder, but this one ripens to a bright golden-yellow. Elegant in salads or other dishes alongside green, red, and purple peppers. Reliable cropper in the North.

King of the North   $3.00

57-68 days—Bull-nose type, elongated bells reaching  6 inches long by 4 inches wide, tapering slightly and with medium-thick walls. Tolerates cold weather better than most varieties. Prolific, sprawling plants. Especially valuable in short-season areas, but of great usefulness wherever very early sweet peppers are desired.

Orange Sun  
80 days. Beautiful bell peppers are a glowing cheerful orange in color. The thick flesh is intensely sweet and fruity. Makes a nice, large bell that is a joy to behold, whether in the garden or on the table!

Paradicsom Alaku Sarga   $3.00 
A spectacular pepper from Hungary.  Round fruits to 3 inches in diameter, flattened and deeply ribbed. This pepper has sweet, incredibly thick walls that stay crisp. The compact, productive plants are loaded with bright yellow-orange fruits. We always grow this superior variety as it is one of our very favorites, year in and year out.

Purple Beauty  
75 days. Purple peppers are always a favorite, as they are so colorful. This variety produces loads of beautiful bells on compact, bushy plants. Crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor makes this one popular with everyone. Purple ripening to red.

Quadrato d' Asti Giallo   $3.00 
80 days. The giant yellow Quadrato bell pepper. The huge fruit are a favorite. Beautiful and blocky, with very thick walls; the flavor is outstanding--sweet and rich! This Italian variety gives very heavy yields. This superb pepper is a real winner!

Quadrato d' Asti Rosso   $3.00   
80 days. Very thick brilliant red flesh. The fruit are huge. Delicious rich-sweet taste. Excellent for frying, salads, or stuffing. One of the largest red bells. Beautiful and blocky. A really choice variety. Produces large yields. Very often seen in the markets of Italy. Superb!

Red Cheese   $3.00  
75-80 days. Our very favorite sweet pepper at Abundant Acres. Not quite a bell-type, these are more round. They look like a medium size tomato 3-4 inches across. Thich-walled, sweet, rich-tasting, they're good any way you use a sweet pepper. But we relish them as stuffed peppers. Productive for us right up to frost.

Red Mini-Bell   
60 days—Perfect little miniature bells, fruits being only about 1.5 inches tall and wide. Thick-walled fruits ripen to a deep red. Productive plants to 2 feet tall. Ideal stuffed, making very unusual hors d'ouvres.

Sweet Chocolate   
75 days. A bell that starts out the color of milk chocolate, turning red when fully ripe. A slighty earlier variety that does well in northern climates also. Medium-sized fruits abundantly produced on rambling plants that might require some support. More-or-less a bell pepper.


Aconcagua    $3.00
 70-75 days. Long fruits to 10 inches, starting yellow-green and ripening to red. Plants to 30 inches. Very full-flavored sweet pepper. Exceptionally good for frying or roasting. Productive in our 2006 trial garden.

Alma Paprika  
70-80 days. Thick-walled, round fruits produced abundantly all season. Excellent for drying and grinding into
paprika powder. The plants make a brave show in the garden, with the cream-colored fruits ripening through orange and finally to red. Compact plants in our 2009 garden.

Golden Treasure   $3.00

80-100 days. A fine Italian heirloom. Ripens to a rich yellow-gold, tapered, two-lobed fruit to 9 inches, having fairly thick flesh and very thin skin. Excellent for roasting, frying or fresh eating.

Jimmy Nardello Sweet   $3.00
80-90 days. Introduced by Seed Savers Exchange. Original seed provided by the late Jimmy Nardello, Naugatuk, Connecticut, whose family brought the seeds from the village of Ruoti, Italy, in 1887. Compact, 24-inch plants produce loads of 10-12 inch long, slender, crinkly fruits that are fine for frying.  A very popular variety.

Marconi, Golden   $3.00 
80-90 days. A late Italian pepper with beautiful, big, yellow, 7", tapering fruit; very sweet, superb for frying or fresh use. This wonderful heirloom is delicious and mild. 

Marconi, Red    $3.00   

70-85 days. Another Italian variety. Fruits to 12-inches long, 3-inches across, sweet, thin-skinned, great for frying. We've often enjoyed these roasted and peeled, and served as a side dish with barbeque or a roast. Exceptional production in our 2009 garden, fraught as it was with cool temperatures and excessive rainfall. Now a staple variety here and one we will never willingly be without.

Marconi Purple    $3.00  
80-90 days- -As a group, the Marconi are our favorite sweet peppers, being very reliable and productive in our gardens, year in and year out. Purple Marconi bears the same thick-walled, sweet fruits, but in purple. Takes on a clear purple hue from a very small size, holding that color until quite late, then changing to red.  Lovely sliced into salads along with Golden Marconi.

Melrose    $3.00 
This is a superb heirloom frying pepper, brought from Italy long ago. The 4" fruit turn brilliant red
, with flavor that is rich and very sweet. Great fried or fresh, a true Italian variety that seems to have been widely grown in the Chicago area. 

Red Belgian   
80 days. 3-4" fruits are wedge-shaped. Fruit starts out ivory to pale yellow and ripens to a deep red, but is often hidden beneath the dense foliage. An especially fine-flavored sweet pepper. Very compact, dainty plants.

Tequila Sunrise   $3.00
70 days—Gorgeous yellow-orange fruits look like glossy miniature carrots. Frequently reaching 6 inches in length the peppers carry a distinctive transverse fold near the stem end. Thick-walled fruits are a delight, sliced into rings in salads. A serious multi-tasker, grown in containers on the patio or deck where its beauty can be appreciated!