Abundant Acres Growers


Your Abundant Acres plants are usually growing in the main greenhouse when their day comes to be packed and shipped. At that time, they are accustomed to moderate greenhouse conditions--typically, days in the upper eighties and nights down into the low fifties. These conditions are substantially warmer than the conditions in your garden at early planting time in your area. Additionally, by the time your plants arrive, they have been enclosed tightly in their shipping container, and subjected to three days of total darkness, surrounded with humid, still air.

Because of these facts it will be necessary for you to properly harden-off your plants prior to setting them in your garden. First of all, PLEASE UNPACK AND INSPECT YOUR  PLANTS IMMEDIATELY!  All claims for shipping damage must be made within 24 hours of your receipt of your plants, otherwise such claims will not be honored.

Once you are satisfied that your plants have arrived in good condition, they must be gently allowed to resume their growth, which will have been interrupted by their journey in total darkness. Please water them if it seems necessary, and allow them to sit in bright, indirect light for 24 hours. Do not place them in intense sunlight immediately, for the plants need to toughen up again to ordinary conditions. After 24 hours, place them in a sunny indoor location. Then, as time and weather permit, begin letting them spend a little more time outdoors each day, perhaps only 3-4 hours the first day. Protect the plants from extreme conditions, particularly wind and temperatures below 50 degrees Farenheit. Gradually work up toward letting them be outdoors day and night. The process should be done gently, and could take about a week. Naturally, the actual time will depend upon current weather conditions. Should the weather turn unseasonably cold, slow the process down until better weather. Conversely, if prevailing conditions were afternoon temps in the eighties, and night temps of 55 degrees or above, they could be set sooner. The watchful eye of the gardener is paramount here!

Set the plants in fairly rich garden soil. Remember to unpot carefully, to protect the root system. Unpotting when the mix if fairly dry will help to keep the roots in place. Water thoroughly, and you are on your way!

For more detailed cultural instructions, please see the cultural instructions linked on each page of the specific category under consideration.