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Heirloom Pink Tomato plants are $3.00 each, plus shipping.  All plants are shipped Priority Mail.  Plants are well established in 2½" square pots that are 3½" deep to provide our customers with larger, healthier plants. NOTE: Number of days from transplanting until harvest is only for comparison purposes between varieties. Actual number of days varies with location and growing conditions.

CUSTOM GROWING: Don't see that "must have" variety in our regular offerings?  We're happy to do custom sowings of unlisted varieties, often at no extra charge!  But you must order early enough to allow the plants to reach shipping size.  More Information

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Arkansas Traveler 
76-90 days - Indeterminate, slicing. Properly known as "Traveler" but more widely known as listed here. This is a variety with a dubious history, having been released in 1971 (or 1968 according to some authorities) by Joe McFerran of the University of Arkansas Horticulture Department, which makes it not quite an heirloom to some, according to a UA publication. Other aficionados as stoutly maintain that the variety was released by UA, but over one hundred years ago!  We don't know for sure as we weren't there in any case, but here's what we're sure of: Crack resistant, blemish-free, nearly spherical fruits are 8 to 16 ounces. Rose pink-to-red tomatoes have superior flavor. Large vines (to 7 feet) are productive, moderately disease resistant and really take the heat and humidity!  

Brandywine, Pink  $3.00 
78 days - Indeterminate, to 1 1/2 pounds. Potato leaf, beefsteak good for slicing and eating fresh, yet sufficiently dense-fleshed that some gardeners insist upon it for a canner as well. Possibly the most well- beloved heirloom tomato!  Brandywine is considered by many the standard by which tomato flavor is judged. Especially recommended for areas with cooler summers, or for late-summer planting in the South.

Brandywine, Sudduth's 
75-85 days - Indeterminate, 1-2 pounds. This potato-leaf beefsteak is considered by some to be the "original" Pink Brandywine
. From Dorris Sudduth Hill of Tennessee, whose family had grown it for more than 80 years, when she shared seed with legendary heirloom seed collector Ben Quisenberry in the 1980's. Has all the traits of  Pink Brandywine listed above; some growers feel that the flavor is even more splendid and the yields greater than those of that sometimes temperamental variety. Featured in the Spring, 2012 issue of Heirloom Gardener Magazine.

Daniels  $3.00  
80 days -
Indeterminate-potato-leafed plants. Well-flavored pink slicer is definitely on the large side: reaches two pounds, and in our plantings in 2010 and 2011, routinely 12-14 ounces. Ours were rather uniform, oblate with a hint of green shouldering,  ever so slightly pleated, and had an unusual sheen, as if each fruit had been meticulously lacquered. Daniels originated in Germany and has been held in a Missouri family for generations. We recommend it highly for any climate where summer is long, fairly hot, and prone to being humid.

Dester   $3.00 
75-80 days - Indeterminate—A superior slicing variety, yielding large, deep pink beefsteak fruits to 1 ½ pounds. Its rich sweet flavor makes it an excellent slicer. The variety originally came from an Amish lady named Anna who worked as housekeeper to Dr. Dester and his wife in Indiana in the 1970's, who in turn received it from Germany. Seed comes by way of our good friend Larry Pierce of Mountain Grove, Missouri. One of the best!

Eva Purple Ball   $3.00 
70 days—Indeterminate. Called "purple" because back in the day, that word was used to describe what we now call "pink," this dark pink German heirloom delivers tons of fruit all season long, starting rather early. The fruits are smooth globes reaching and occasionally exceeding two to three inches in diameter, and of excellent flavor! Superb for slicing, salads and other fresh uses, where the fruits' juicy sweetness can be best appreciated. Brought to the U.S. from the Black Forest region of Germany in the late 1800s by the family of tomato collector Joseph Bratka of Elmwood Park, New Jersey.


German Johnson   $3.00 
80 days - Indeterminate, 1 to 1 1/2 lb., regular leaf, beefsteak for slicing/canning. This high-yielding variety has excellent flavor, no cracking, and few seeds. Moderate disease resistance. A Southern heirloom, variously reported to hail from Virginia or North Carolina, and believed to be one of the parents of Mortgage Lifter.  Reported to consistently rank very high in the annual taste tests of varieties grown in the Monticello gardens.

Grace Lahman   $3.00  
75 - 80 days - Indeterminate, 6-10 oz.   A globe-shaped tomato with great tomato taste.  Perfect for canning whole.  Produce lovely pink fruits over a long season.

Mortgage Lifte

85-90 days - Indeterminate, slicing. A classic pink still in demand by gardeners. This large meaty tomato has few seeds and can produce up to 1 pound fruit with a rich sweet flavor.  The well known story of its origin is that it was developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia and reportedly helped to pay off his mortgage when he sold the plants at a dollar each in the 1940's. Byles was affectionately known by the nickname "Radiator Charlie" from the business he ran at the bottom of a steep hill where trucks would often overheat, and this variety is also known as Radiator Charlie. But the variety may have actually been developed by the Estler family in the early 1920's.

Omar's Lebanese   $3.00
80 days, Indeterminate, slicing, Regular-leaf.
The fruit get positively enormous, reaching 3-4 pounds, although 1 to 1 ½ lb is more usual. But flavor isn't sacrificed to size--the fruits are a delicious blend of tart and sweet. A Carolyn Male introduction, from seeds originally furnished by a colleague of hers, Omar Saab, who brought them from a family farm in the hills of Lebanon. Despite its origins some growers feel that the variety's sweet flavor is best expressed in cooler summer conditions.

Pearly Pink Cherry   $3.00  
75 days - Indeterminate, 1"-2", regular leaf, cherry. Reportedly a favorite at the Abundant Life Seed Company.  Crisp, incredibly flavorful cherry tomatoes that are bright pink and perfect for snacking. The vines produce very well. A very pretty tomato.

Pink Icicle    $3.00 
75-80 days, semi-determinate vines to 5 feet. (Sosulka Rozovaya) Firm-fleshed, elongated to pointed plum-shaped fruits are one of the best pink paste varieties. The sweet, complex flavor is superb in salsas, and holds up in pastes and sauces. Also good for salads and other fresh tomato uses. The fruits have very few seeds and are yielded in wild abandon from mid-season until frost. Together with the other colorful “Icicle” fruits, creates a stunning palette of vibrantly-colored sauces. From high-quality old Soviet-era breeding.

Ponderosa Pink    $3.00
80-90 days - Indeterminate, 12 ounces to 2 + pounds. Regular leaf, beefsteak. 
Huge, meaty pink-red beefsteak introduced by Peter Henderson & Co. in 1891 and the most famous of their varieties. In 1903 their catalog said, "Quality Beyond Praise, Rich and meaty slices. Thick and delicious--canned." Still popular with gardeners.

Pruden's Purple    $3.00
67-75 days - Indeterminate, 1 lb., potato leaf, all-purpose beefsteak. Excellent whether used for salads or  for canning or drying. Lovely deep-pink fruits are early for such large fruited type. Similar to Brandywine. Another "purple" that's really pink.


Thai Pink Egg    $3.00 
75 days - Determinate, 1 oz., regular leaf, salad.  Delicious grape tomatoes from Thailand.  The crisp fruit are bursting with natural goodness, sweet and rich when allowed to completely ripen to a dark pink.  The grape-shaped fruit are perfect for fresh markets, restaurants, and more!   Good yields; fruit is uniform.