We are now taking orders for 2019
                       prior to placing your order.

You can order online through Paypal, or by mail and pay in U.S. funds with check, money order.
  All plants are $3.00 each plus shipping unless otherwise noted.

Feel free to call us with comments or questions
207 496 9735

Brugmansia plant awaiting shipping.

We cannot ship plants to AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, WA, or WY.

Regular shipping every week from early May into June

Feel free to e-mail with any questions.

IMPORTANT: Please e-mail or call us to confirm that the plants you want are available before sending your payment, no matter how you order.



There is no minimum order required.
You may order as many or as few of each variety
 as you want.

  All the plants we offer are grown naturally using only organic fertilizers and    no chemical pesticides. Our plants are guaranteed to arrive in good 
condition, true-to-name, ready to grow in your 2019 garden.

Although no minimum order is required, you get the best value for your shipping dollar when your total number of plants is a multiple of eight.        

             Ordering early improves your chances of getting just what you want.  Sometimes supplies are quite limited, usually due to poor germination or other problems in the greenhouse. In such cases, the earlier orders will be filled first.  We will select a similar substitution if necessary unless you have specified no substitutions; in that case we will issue a refund.

ORDERS USUALLY SHIP A MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS AFTER WE RECEIVE THEM. Because of the lack of space and our large selection, our plants are usually potted in small four-packs until we receive your order; at that time we pot them on into our larger, premium pots. The plants require two-week lead time to establish in the larger pot. The exception would be late in the season, starting in mid-May, when quicker turn-arounds may be expected on items still in stock.

To order online, simply use the buttons and proceed thru checkout. Payment is by credit card thru Paypal only--we have no other means of accepting credit cards.  When your online order is received, we will promptly send an email confirmation. In the email we will ask you to furnish your desired ship date, which is really the first day of your 10 day shipping window. We are to ship your order within the shipping window. The confirmation email will also be the place to let us know if substitutions are acceptable, to specify these if you wish, or to specify "no substitutions" if you prefer, in which case we will refund on out-of-stock items. If we don't hear back from you, we will choose a ship date based on climate in your location, and we'll assume that comparable substitutions are OK with you.


PLEASE ORDER FROM AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU CHECK FREQUENTLY--often customers will order from a little-used address, and then they don't see the ensuing emails, which can delay fulfilment. When you contact us, please be sure to set your e-mail options for messages from us to be sent to your inbox
so they won't end up in your bulk mail.

We do not spam.
We send only one e-mail update per year,
and the update only goes to those who have contacted us.
That is all that you will get from us unless we hear from you. If you contact us but prefer not to be listed for next year's reminder notice, please say so in your e-mail and we'll not add your e-mail address to our list

To order by mail, write your order on a piece of paper, or print out the order form and write in your order. We ask you to please be sure to include a valid email address or phone number, indicate your desired ship date and acceptable sustitutions, or specify 'no substitutions,' in which case unavailable items will be refunded. Mail your order with your check or money order, to our address on the order form. We accept orders by U.S. mail (allow a week for us to receive them). We usually do not confirm orders received by regular mail. Listing a few acceptable substitutes is always helpful. The most reliable order fulfilment can be obtained by allowing us a minimum of two weeks to condition your plants. Remember that it takes about a week for us to receive your mail-in order.

You can access the Order Form here.

Packing your order: Plants are well established in 2" square pots that are 3" deep to provide our customers with larger, healthier plants. We carefully package each plant individually, in its pot, to keep it from shifting during shipping and to help it arrive safely through the mail. Then it is placed in a sturdy outer cardboard shipping container.



                                   SHIPPING RATES

charges for plants to be shipped by Priority Mail are listed below. These charges help cover postage and our cost of shipping supplies.
1 -   8 plants $17.50
9 - 16 plants 
17 - 24 plants
25 - 32 plants $47.50
33 - 40 plants
41   and  up see below

On orders for 41 or more plants, shipping will be charged at $55.00 plus $1.35 for each additional plant over 40. $55.00 will be charged for shipping at the time you make your order, and will be invoiced for the additional shipping cost.  All shipping costs must be paid before the order can be processed and filled.                                                                        




Order early  for best selection!

Abundant Acres
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