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  Orange/Yellow Tomatoes 

Updated for 2019

Heirloom Orange Tomato plants and Heirloom Yellow Tomato plants are $3.00 each, plus shipping.  All plants are shipped Priority Mail. 
Plants are well established in 2½" square pots that are 3½" deep to provide our customers with larger, healthier plants. NOTE: Number of days from transplanting until harvest is only for comparison purposes between varieties. Actual number of days varies with location and growing conditions.

CUSTOM GROWING: Don't see that "must have" variety in our regular offerings?  We're happy to do custom sowings of unlisted varieties, often at no extra charge!  But you must order early enough to allow the plants to reach shipping size.  More Information




mana Orange 
80-83 days - Indeterminate, up to 1 pound plus, regular leaf, beefsteak, good for salads or eating fresh.  Large orange fruit have and intense and full flavor that is matchless. This attractive heirloom is named for the Amana Amish Colonies in Iowa.

Djeena Lee's Golden   $3.00   
70 days, indeterminate. Originally grown in Minnesota, so it's well-suited to tough Northeastern conditions. Golden-orange fruits are a nice blend of tart and sweet, very fruity and delicious. A prize-winner in its day and now, for it is recognized by being listed on Slow Foods Ark of Taste. The variety had already been grown a number of years when, in 1929, Djeena gave seed to the future Reverend Morrow, 15 years old at the time, who for decades maintained it along with many other superior varieties.


Dr. Wyche's  
75-90 days - Indeterminate, 8 to 20 ounces. This wonderful heirloom was introduced to Seed Savers Exchange by the late Dr. John Wyche. Large beautiful fruit with some green on the shoulders. The flavor has a fruity sweet/tart taste.  Excellent for fresh eating. Makes a praiseworthy tomato juice.


Gold Nugget   $3.00  

 60 days—Determinate. Deep yellow, one-inch fruits are round to slightly oblong, very sweet, yet with a well-balanced tomato flavor. Excels in salads. Prolific and early. Yet another superior variety, bred by Dr. James Baggett at Oregon State, tolerating cooler summer conditions. Tolerant to verticillium and fusarium wilt. Lasts all season, at least in cool-summer, shorter-season climates.

Illini Gold   $3.00  
75 days - Indeterminate, vigorous, regular-leafed plants. An Abundant Acres exclusive!   Bred by our friend and gardening mentor Merlyn Niedens.   A medium-sized paste-type, a good, clear yellow-orange. Productive and crack resistant.

Jaune Flamme  $3.00  
70-80 days - Indeterminate. 2- to 3-ounce, pumpkin-colored fruits with reddish interior is apricot shaped and about the size of a large egg. Great for use in salads, the intensely tomato-flavored fruits are borne in clusters of up to eight, on robust plants that easily reach 5 feet under good conditions. Gardeners report that it sets fruit right through the summer, even in pretty hot climates. Paradoxically, the fruit is described as "juicy," and also as "good for drying." A quirky tomato originating in France, that seems to be developing a real following.

Kellogg's Breakfast   $3.00 

70-80 days - Indeterminate, slicer.  Originally from West Virginia this thin skinned orange tomato has intense flavor and makes great juice the color of oranges.  Fruits can be up to 1 lb. A very productive variety.

Orange Banana   $3.00   
85 days - Indeterminate.  A unique paste tomato because of it's orange color and fruity sweetness. Heavy yielder of 2 to 4 inch fruits.  Can be canned or dried, but great for fresh eating. Beautiful!

Orange Icicle     $3.00   
75-80 days, semi-determinate vines to 5 feet. (Sosulka Oranzhevaya )Firm-fleshed elongated plum-shaped fruits are one of the best orange paste varieties. The sweet fruity flavor is superb in salsas, pastes and sauces. Also good for salads and other fresh tomato uses. The fruits have very few seeds and are yielded in wild abandon from mid-season until frost. Together with the other colorful “Icicle” colors, creates a stunning palette of vibrantly-colored sauces. From old Soviet-era breeding.

Sungold Select II  $3.00  
70 Days - Positively the sweetest tomato we know of! Brilliant orange cherry fruits are produced in clusters all season long. Dehybridized from the original Sungold by well known tomato collector and breeder Reinhard Kraft.  A favorite of almost everyone who tries it!

Sweet Orange II   $3.00   
65 days-indeterminate-Our earliest orange tomato! Oustanding little orange cherry variety that produces trusses of up to 12 of sweet, fruity-tasting cherry tomatoes. Crack resistant and very vigorous. From Peters Seed Research, a preeminent modern breeder of public-domain, open-pollinated varieties.



Brandywine, Yellow   $3.00    
100 days - Indeterminate, 12-20 oz., potato leaf, beefsteak: slicing
Prolific yields of golden-yellow fruits with creamy texture. 

Dakota Gold  
75 days—Determinate--Really should be called a white, because the large, beefsteak-type fruits are a pale ivory color. The sweet, mild fruits often reach eight ounces, occasionally much larger, making this slicer excellent for sandwiches, and of course for any fresh use. Bred in the North Dakota State University breeding program, released in the 1980s, this variety tolerates cool conditions and temperature extremes that would leave other varieties reeling. A wholly superior sort for the Northeast as well.

Egg Yolk  
80 days - Indeterminate, large vigorous vines that produce dozens of  bright yellow round fruit.  1 1/2 "  blemish free, tart, full flavored fruit are wonderful in salads or for snacking right in the garden. Grown by our friends Larry and Phyllis Pierce.

Huge Lemon Oxheart  $3.00    
90 days - Indeterminate, slicer, regular leaf. Introduced to Seed Savers Exchange by member M.D. Gonzales of Waynesville, Ohio. Gigantic 5+" diameter, somewhat irregular or lobed fruits; light yellow with pink starburst in flesh on bottom; sweet flavor. Productive enough to grow for market. Truly spectacular!


Hughs  $3.00
90 days - Indeterminate. regular leaf, beefsteak. Introduced in 1990 by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Originated in Madison County, Indiana in the 1940's. Heavy production of 1- to 2-pound, pale yellow, thin-skinned fruits of unusually sweet and robust flavor, rivaling the flavor of the best heirloom red tomatoes. Shows some disease resistance.

Libra    $3.00   
75 -80 days, indeterminate--(Pilcer Vesy) The vines are robust and get large, even in the former Soviet Union, where they originated. The classic yellow beefsteak type fruits are huge, occasionally approaching 2 pounds. Ribbed fruits are lemon yellow and markedly oblate. Flavor is very good. The original vendor, Sibirskiy Sad, recommended them for the production of baby food. They are also quite productive.

Manyel  $3.00  
75 days- Indeterminate, averaging about 5 ounces. Name from a Native American word meaning "many moons," and that's what these plants will remind you of, laden with their round, 2- to 3-inch yellow fruits produced on trusses of 6 to 8. Yields heroic quantities of lemony-tasting fruits for the entire season. Our seed was grown by a friend of ours, who says she won't willingly be without this variety in her garden! Superb halved into salads.

79 days - Indeterminate, 1 1/4" regular leaf.  Delicious, light-yellow, translucent cherries. The flavor of  these is really good--both sweet and fruity. These pretty fruit are popular at farmers' markets. Plants set good yields. A real winner!

Native Sun
50-65 days- determinate, slicer . The largest known super-early yellow tomato. 6-8 oz lemon-yellow fruit are sweet, yet full-flavored. Heavy yield comes in successive flushes. Blemish free fruits resist cracking. Another triumph from Tim Peters of Peters Seed and Research. 

Plum Lemon  $3.00
80 days - Indeterminate, 4 to 6 ounce regular leaf. Also known as Wonderlight tomato. Clear yellow, 3-inch long fruit is pointed on its ends and yes, it really is shaped just like a lemon. Fruit is solid, almost like a paste tomato, and flavor is mild; and is used for sauces, in salsa, and even for ketchup. Large yields on medium-sized vines. This outstanding variety was originally collected in Russia, where it is known as Limmony Liana (Lemon Vine), by Kent Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange, from an elderly Russian seedsman at Moscow's Kalitnikovskiy Bird Market.


Roman Candle  $3.00  
85 days - Indeterminate, regular leaf. Very meaty fruits 2 inches wide by 4 inches long are fine for paste, as well as salsas. Outrageously bright yellow in color, with very few seeds, and very sweet. Originally discovered as a sport of Speckled Roman.

T.C. Jones   $3.00  
80 days - Indeterminate.  Vigorous regular leafed vines produce abundant yields of 8 to 12 ounce yellow slicers. Some green shoulders or striping. Grown in the same Kentucky family for five generations. An extremely rare  tomato that we are proud to offer. Seed courtesy of the late Merlyn Niedens.

Wapsipinicon Peach 
75-80 days - Indeterminate, 1 1/2"-2", regular leaf,     
Light, creamy-yellow, almost white fruit have superb taste and texture! One of the best tomatoes. The taste is complex, with its spicy, sweet, and very fruity flavor. The fruit are small, and the skin is slightly fuzzy like a peach. This Iowa heirloom is named after the Wapsipinicon River.

Yellow Icicle 
75 days Indeterminate—The Icicle Series comes from the former USSR, a product of their superlative, mid-century open-pollinated breeding; the transliterated original Russian name is Sosulka Zheltaya. Tolerates cool, cloudy weather, making it great for the Northeast, where summer weather can turn off cool and cloudy. Wonderfoul for canning or paste. Sister variety to our orange-, Pink-, and Black Icicle varieties, and stunning in combination with them.

Yellow Pear 

70-80 days - Indeterminate. Small pear shaped cherry type tomatoes that bear all summer until frost.  Delicious fruits that are great in salads or for fresh eating. Vines are very prolific. An old heirloom from the mid-1800's.