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Updated for 2019

Heirloom Hot Pepper plants are $3.00 each, plus shipping.  All plants are shipped Priority Mail.  Plants are well established in 2½" square pots that are 3½" deep to provide our customers with larger, healthier plants. NOTE: Number of days from transplanting until harvest is only for comparison purposes between varieties. Actual number of days varies with location and growing conditions.

NOTE: Pungency in pepper plants can vary enormously based upon growing conditions. Always wear gloves when harvesting hot peppers!

CUSTOM GROWING: Don't see that "must have" variety in our regular offerings?  We're happy to do custom sowings of unlisted varieties, often at no extra charge!  But you must order early enough to allow the plants to reach shipping size.  More Information




Anaheim  $3.00
75-80 days. Delicious mildly hot flavor, excellent for roasting or frying, good yields of very large, thick-walled chili peppers. The classic chili for chili verde dishes, at least in the United States, and our main crop for green use here at Abundant Acres, where we're a bit picky about our peppers.

Chimayo   $3.00 

65 days.  New Mexico chile from Chimayo in northern New Mexico, grown at 5,900 ft elevation. Mildly hot 3-5” long fruit are probably the earliest Southwestern chili to ripen to red. Thin skinned & easy to dry. In our opinion, Chimayo is in the running for best tasting chili powder as it is not too hot, yet has a rich and complex flavor.   Listed with the Slow Foods Ark of Taste.

Czechoslovakian Black  $3.00 
Mild, Jalapeño-shaped fruit that have a fruity, cinnamon flavor; dark purple, almost black in color. The plants are very dark green with purple stems, ornamental and productive. Perfect for gourmet chefs, including the one in your kitchen. This heirloom was collected from the former Czechoslovakia.

Jalapeño, Tam  $3.00 
70 days. A very tasty mild Jalapeño type, with the same delicious flavor but a lot less heat. Great yields. Use in mild fresh salsas.

Pasilla Bajio  $3.00  

76 days. "Pasilla" means "little raisin" in Spanish, referring to the wrinkly brown appearance of the dried pods. This variety is also known as "Chilaca" and "Chili Negro" in Mexico. Seven inch long fruits are quite narrow, reaching about an inch wide toward the center of the fruit, very narrow at the stem end and gently tapering to a point at the blossom end. Dark green ripening to brown. Considered mild at 2500 Scoville units; use fresh in salsas, or dried for a complex, smokey addition to moles or red chilis.


Ancho San Luis   
A great Ancho/Poblano type that matures in 80 days, 5-6" fruit are of high quality and medium heat. The dark-green fruit turn deep red when mature. A must for Mexican foods; great fresh or dried. One of the most popular chilis in Mexico.

Black Hungarian  
80-90 days. Mildly hot, 2-3" fruits are purple to black when ripe.  Tall, purple-flowered plants. Ornamental in the garden.

NuMex Big Jim 
75-85 days.  First introduced and released by New Mexico State University. This is the largest of the chiles with fruits that measure up to 12" long and can weigh up to 4 oz.  Great variety for chili rellenos. This pepper is the quintessental roasting pepper .

Santa Fe Grande  
Spicy, plump 4" peppers are a luminous, waxy pale yellow in color and quite warm, resembling overgrown jalapenos. The fruits ripen from green through yellow to a fiery red-orange and finally to a mellow red, usually with all colors represented on a single plant. Makes pretty pickles and salsa. Ornamental  plants give heavy yields over the entire summer, making this variety choice for home gardens. In our 2006 trials, continued well past the early mild frosts.


Cayenne, Golden  $3.00 
(Capsicum frutescens) 70-75 days - Typical long, rather twisting cayenne type fruits, often a bit hotter than our Long Thin red cayenne, and also just a bit larger at 4-6 inches long on compact plants to 2 feet tall. The fruits ripen from green to golden-yellow, developing their most intense heat only at full maturity.

Cayenne, Long Purple  $3.00 
(Capsicum frutescens)
70 days - Very spicy pods are a lovely deep purple in color, making them quite unique and colorful, until finally ripening to red. The tall plants are just covered with dark fruit; great for hot sauce, chili, and soup. Nice enough for flower beds.

Cayenne, Long Thin  $3.00 
(Capsicum frutescens)
72 days - Slender, long peppers turn bright red and are very hot. The 2 foot plants are vigorous and productive. This heirloom has been popular many years for drying, using as a spice, and also medicinally. Adds heat to many a Chinese-style dish.


Apocalypse Scorpion  $5.00
(Capsicum frutescens X chinense) 90 days -  Possibly the world's hottest pepper! This punishing pepper was developed by the Italian Pepper Lovers' Association. Thanks to over 5 grueling years of breeding for intense heat, this super hot scorpion type pepper stands a chance to be a record breaker! In Baker Creek trials this pepper reached a whopping 1.22 Million scovilles! And they believe this variety could easily reach over 1.5 million and perhaps even surpass the current world record holder! Plants reach 4 feet tall and produce an abundance of fiery peppers.

Bhut Jolokia 
(Capsicum frutescens X chinense) 90 days - Also known as Naga Jolokia. Recognized as the hottest known pepper, at least until recently; this variety registers at over a million Scovilles (the scale that measures the heat contained in chilis), making it four times as hot as the previous record-holder, the Savina Red Habanero. Originating in the northeastern region of India, its various local names translate to such epithets as the Ghost Pepper, King of Chillis, and even Poison Chilli! The outrageous fruits reach 2-3 inches in length, and, in our estimation, constitute more of a novelty than anything else. But, here it is--whether it's food or merely a curiosity.

Chinese Five-Color  $3.00  
80 to 85 days.  Intensely hot peppers turn a rainbow of vibrant colors from purple, cream, yellow, orange to red as they ripen. A beautiful ornamental. The plants are great for indoor containers. Just pick a few anytime to liven up your salsa.

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia  $5.00 
(Capsicum frutescens X chinense)  90 to 95 days.  Same wicked heat and  form as Bhut Jolokia, but this natural variation ripens from red-brown to a rich  chocolate. Considered sweeter than the red Bhut. 

Datil    $3.00   Sorry not available for 2019
(Capsicum chinense) 100 days. Blazing hot, blunt little 3.5-inch fruits ripen to a brilliant orange yellow. The heat is comparable to habanero types, with the flavor more complex, sweeter and more fruity. Renowned pepper originating from St. Augustine, Florida.Legend says they were brought there from Spain, however, they may also have originated in Chile.

Fish   $3.00 
Multi-colored striped fruits include shades of brown, orange, white, red, and of course green. Was used in the Baltimore area before 1950, and apparently as far back as the 19th century. Original seed was maintained by a Horace Pippin, an African-American folk painter in Pennsylvania. The fruits were employed to make a hot, white "paprika" which was used in the cream sauces that were once popular on fish and shellfishVery ornamental white and green variegated leaves, often quite dramatic.

ñero   $3.00  
(Capsicum frutescens)  80-100 days.Pleated or wrinkled lantern-shaped fruits starting out green, ripening to a positively incandescent orange-red. Classic for Caribbean-style cooking or hot sauce.

Habañero, Chocolate   $3.00   Sorry not available for 2019
(Capsicum frutescens) 90-110 days. This Jamaican habanero is loaded with heat and smoky flavor. The delicious taste is perfect for making sauces. A unique variety for your garden, having lovely brown lantern-shaped fruits, ripening to red.

Jalapeño, Craig's Grande   $3.00 
80 days. Gigantic true jalapeno type fruit--positively the largest known, up to five inches in length!  Surprisingly, the plants are rather compact, seldom exceeding 30 inches in height. Fruits are green ripening to red. Makes a spectacular stuffer!

Jalapeño, Early   $3.00 
60-65 days. This very hot pepper does well in cooler growing conditions. They mature to red but are more often harvested while they are dark-green. They can be used in many dishes such as burritos, cornbread, dips, salsas, and tacos. Also good when breaded and fried or when stuffed.

Jalapeño, Purple  $3.00
75-90 days. Very spicy pods are lovely bright purple in color (ripening to red) making them quite unique and colorful. The tall, somewhat columnar plants are just covered with dark fruit, great for hot sauce, chili and soup. Nice enough for the flower beds.

Serrano   $3.00 
73-75 days. Abundant, small fruits ripen from dark, glossy green to orange to red-orange/deep crimson. Attractive 30” plants with pendent fruit (2” x ½”). Very hot whether green or red; said to be one of the hottest peppers. This flavorful pepper is ideal for making pepper sauce, hot chili sauce, salsa, hot pepper vinegar, and for pickling. Thin-walled fruits dry easily.

Tabasco   $3.00 
(Capsicum frutescens) 90 days. This famous heirloom was introduced into Louisiana in 1848 and became the main ingredient in Tabasco Pepper Sauce. This pepper is very hot and has a delicious flavor. The magnificent plants grow up to 4’ tall and are covered with small, thin peppers. Needs a warm summer or can be grown as a potted plant. Fruit ripen from green to orange, then red.

Thai Adaptive Early    $3.00  
From Adaptive Seeds in Oregon who have been growing out this seed over the years, sometimes crossing in new Thai types, in an effort to create an earlier maturing Thai pepper. There is some variation in these 2-3″ long, slender peppers that heat and plenty of Thai flavor.  Said to ripen reliably in cool Oregon summers; according to Adaptive Seeds this was grown out next to standard Thai varieties and ripened earlier!  We are excited to try these ourselves in our garden in Maine.   An exceptional variety from an exceptional seed company.

Thai Red Chilli    $3.00  
(Capsicum frutescens) 90 days. This hot, heirloom pepper is used in almost every dish in Thailand. Fruit is small and pointed with pungent heat.  Plants are extremely ornamental when covered with these bright red beauties!     

Thai Yellow Chilli    $3.00 
(Capsicum frutescens) 80 days-Cheery little yellow peppers, about two inches in length, thin-walled and fine for drying. A common type in Thailand, where  peppers are almost as much of an art form as they are in Latin America. Positively guaranteed to add zip to any dish!

Trinidad Scorpion    $5.00 
(Capsicum chinense) 90 days-The current world-record holder for fiery heat. The fiery-red, golfball-sized  fruits have reached documented levels up to 2,000,000 scovilles. Incredible, absolutely insane heat, and an open invitation to weaponization!