Abundant Acres Growers


Our large selection of heirloom plants doesn't even scratch the surface of the possibilities that exist--there are literally thousands of heirloom varieties! Whether you want a variety that you've grown in the past but cannot find, or whether you have cherished seeds that you'd like to grow this year, we can grow them for you and ship your custom plants at the appropriate planting time for your area.

We charge no more for this service if you provide the seed, or if we already have the seed in our substantial seedbank.

We do require early ordering on custom growouts.  60-90 days advance ordering is advisable, particularly on pepper varieties or if seed will have to be ordered.  When you inquire, we will evaluate the prospects and quote you a price and a delivery date. If you decide to place the order, we'll email you a special Paypal invoice tailored to your order.

Email us for more information: