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Onion Plants available now!

ORDERING INFORMATION CAREFULLY prior to placing your order.

We'll be offering onion plant (not sets) this spring, and garlic bulbs for planting this autumn. These are long-day types and are suitable north of St Louis, Missouri--ideal for the Northeast and Great Lakes regions!


Bianca di Maggio onion, Bulgarian leek, Flat of Italy onion, Gold Coin onion, King Richard leek, Long Red Tropea onion, Red Welsh bunching onion, Rossa di Milano onion, Southport White Globe onion, Stuttgarter onion, Wethersfield Red onion.

Onion plants will be sold in lots of 25 or 50 plants, shipped bare-root, and all our varieties are suited to gardens in the Northeast.

Price is $13.00 postpaid for 25 plants, $18.00 postpaid for 50 plants.

Please be patient with us while we develop this new web page. Feel free to email us if you'd like to place an order sooner--we can issue you a Paypal invoice which will lead you thru checkout.

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