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More than 315 heirloom varieties of plants offered!

Abundant Acres offers more than 200 varieties of heirloom tomato plants, about 60 varieties of heirloom pepper plants, and 19 varieties of heirloom eggplant plants, as well as a number of herbs.

We strongly oppose the release of GMO (genetic modified organism) food crops.  We sell only open-pollinated (non-hybrid) and heirloom varieties because we care about wholesome, healthful foods, free of unnatural human tinkering.

We love the sense of continuity we feel with growers of past generations, whenever we harvest heirloom produce in our own garden! We enjoy growing crops that have been saved by generations of growers because they have genuinely good characteristics that have been, and continue to be, of value to gardeners like us!  And like so many other gardeners, we feel that heirloom varieties often taste better than the rigid faux-veggies that have been foisted upon unwary consumers for the convenience of big agri-business!  So we support taking control over our diet, health, and lives....one pesticide-free heirloom plant at a time!
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CUSTOM GROWING: Don't see that "must have" variety in our regular offerings?  We're happy to do custom sowings of unlisted varieties, often at no extra charge!  But you must order early enough to allow the plants to reach shipping size.  More Information


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Please note:  Plants ordered now will be shipped during our 2019 shipping season. ORDERING INFO

We continue to offer a superb selection of  Heirloom Tomato varieties, including quite a few that, we believe, are to be found nowhere else.

EGGPLANT: As always, we offer a great selection of Heirloom Eggplant varieties this year. Many are available as plants nowhere else that we know of!

PEPPERS: We offer about 60 varieties of Heirloom Peppers, featuring both sweet and hot types.

RARE SOLANUMS: We offer a page of unusual Solanum Family plants, some of them quite rare and all of them fascinating!  Our line-up includes some very rare (non-commercially available) tomato plants, as well as little-known eggplant relatives, Nicotianas (tobaccos and ornamental tobaccos), Datura, Tree Tomato, and others.

HERBS:  We're really excited about our numerous new listings in the herb category. We've added a number of rare Basils.

Abundant Acres Gift Certificates!Details


PLANT CARE INSTRUCTIONS  Detailed instructions on unpacking, acclimatizing and growing your Heirloom vegetable plants.

HOW WE GROW OUR HEIRLOOM VEGETABLE PLANTS  A bit about our cultural practices. We use only natural products, and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

ORDERING INFO  Details about doing business with Abundant Acres. Hardly anyone actually reads this, apparently. But new customers really should--understanding some of the quirks in just how we do business can avoid some disappointments.

OTHER PLANTS      A page of miscellaneous plants that belong nowhere else on our site.  We are growing a few flowers, Jerusalem Artichoke, Comfrey, Yacon,  and others as they present themselves to our horticultural attentions! AT THIS TIME ALL OFFERINGS ON "OTHER PLANTS" PAGE ARE UNAVAILABLE FOR 2019.



One of the premier heirloom seed companies today, Baker Creek has over 1400 varieties of heirloom and open pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds available for the home gardener.   Our association with Baker Creek goes back 12 great years of working with Jere and while working at Baker Creek, we started selling heirloom plants.  We still grow seeds for Baker Creek and purchase most of the seeds for our plants there.

VICTORY SEEDS  Here's a seed company that's really dedicated to preserving heirloom varieties! Mike's really done his homework when it comes to sorting out old tomato varieties. The work he's done with Livingston tomato varieties is positively first rate!

THE TOMATO DEPOT The Tomato Depot is an intimate, friendly online forum devoted mainly to tomato culture, tomato varieties, tomato breeding, tomato history, and pretty much anything else you can think of, relating to tomatoes.

WHITE HARVEST SEED COMPANY   Some friends of ours, the Nocks family, have put together their own seed company, including an online Ozarks "general store."


Take a look at Larry and Phyllis Pierce's website for one of the best garden tools ever!  They carry an assortment of Rogue Hoes to make gardening easier.  These popular tools are used by home gardeners, foresters and professional landscapers across the nation.